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Available for Sale: Paper Roll and Carton Clamps

Paper Roll and Carton Clamps available for sale. Pads on the Carton Clamps are in great condition.

Inventory on all things is currently stocked, contact NEON or call 216-468-0400 if you are in the market for anything else!


Product Type SKU Make Model Serial #
Paper Roll Clamp 31187 CASCADE 90F-RCP-343 PTL1015678-2
Carton Clamp 31159 Cascade 35D-CCS-35AR1 PTL919101-8R4
Carton Clamp 31158 Cascade 35D-CCS PTL919101-5R1
Carton Clamp 31155 Cascade 35D-CCS PTL1240330-1R4


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