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Classic Forklift | Erickson Forklift Model F5

Over a year ago NEON Forklifts ran a fun little contest for classic forklifts entries to give our valued customers something to participate in and a way to stay connected, other than ongoing inventory updates.

We're still getting pictures in from time to time, despite the contest being over, from people looking for information about their own classic forklifts.  Take a look at this recent email from our friend Gary Conger of Conger Toyotalift and see if you have any more information about his Erickson F5.

"The attached photo is of an Erickson forklift that had their factory in Minnesota. It is a model F5, serial number IFF-1112 but I have not been able come up with the year of manufacture. I only saw a couple of these units operating in concrete block companies back in the 1960's. It was a production forklift even thou it does not look like it. The counterweight is concrete and the steering is by a tiller arm that is visible in the photo. If anyone can supply any more info it would be appreciated."
Gary Conger
Conger Toyotalift
Green Bay, Wi

2 thoughts on “Classic Forklift | Erickson Forklift Model F5”

  • My father just bought an older Erickson forklift. It looks very similar but its main components are taken from a model AA ford truck. Instead of the stearing arm it has a gear box and a wheel out of the truck. It is very reliable and we have only seen 2 like it, ours and another one with the steering arm (both identical besides the arm). This one was donated to the antique tractor show we are both apart of by a local fabricating company. Another member of the tractor show used to run this machine and he said that the more weight you put in the back the more it will lift, and the more i use it the more i believe him. besides the now blown head gasket it has always been a really reliable machine.

    • Thanks, Wes. We added your comment on our Facebook Page as well.