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Forklift Forks

Forklift forks, also known as forklift tines, make up a major part of the forklift. Considered a forklift attachment, forklift forks are L-shaped and are used to lift loads.  The forklift forks can be inserted into a pallet to lift the load.

There are several attachments that work with forklift forks. For example, a fork positioned moves the forks together and apart. A hydraulic attachment, the fork positioned eliminates the need of the forklift operator to manually adjust the width of the forklift forks for different loads.

Another attachment used with forklift forks is the drum handler attachment. This mechanical attachment slides onto forklift forks and is used to grip the edge of a drum when it is being moved.

At NEON, we sell both new and used forklift forks. We carry a variety of makes and models so be sure to check our inventory of forklift forks often.