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Forklift Information

Forklifts can take on different names such as lift trucks or pallet trucks. The forklift is a very powerful industrial piece of machinery that is used to transport and lift various materials inside and outside.

There are many types of forklifts that a company can choose from. Depending on the type of work will indicate what type of forklift a company should invest in and what type of accessories that are needed. Forklifts can come with different wheel types such as cushion, poly or pneumatic. Other factors that a company needs to consider when purchasing a forklift is the fuel type. Forklift fuel type options can be: electric, LP, or diesel. Other accessories and options that can be considered while purchasing a forklift are the mast, side loaders, fork positioner, directional control, integral side shift and 4 way valves. While these are not the only accessories and options they are many more that can be associated with the forklift.

Forklifts are designed to handle a certain amount of loads. While some forklifts can haul and lift anywhere from 3000 to over 22000. Make sure the forklift can handle the load that you are looking for. Purchasing a forklift that cannot handle the proper load amount can prove to very unsafe for the operator and other employees.

Forklift safety should not be taken lightly and all precautions and rules should be obeyed. Forklift training and classes should be mandatory. Forklifts are not a game and can prove to be very dangerous if the equipment is mishandled.

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