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Forklift Outsource Training – Cost vs Benefits

Lately, there has been a shift with outsourcing of services by all industry sectors, like forklift operator training.

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Highlighted in an article it states the main reasons for the positive move towards outsourcing services:

  • Availability – This pertains to companies with several different locations that require training services.
  • Reassurance – The external provider is up-to-date with current industry standards and best practices.
  •  Cost – Costs of outsourcing is lower when it includes personnel, management and administration.
  • Flexibility – Training for employees in an area when and where it is necessary.
  • Management – Managing external providers is usually easier than internal staff.
  • Quality – Accredited external training companies that meet the maintenance standards and comply with the standards of their professional bodies.

 There are certain instances where it might be more cost-efficient for a company to employ its own in-house instructors, like large companies operating from large sites.

But there is no cost saving when it comes to proper training. Too often, operator instructors take short cuts with training to save time and money. This leads to inadequate training resulting in damaged goods and equipment.

What’s the solution? Companies can continue to use in-house instructors with external examiners to test the operators or external auditing or verification.

Forklift operation training videos are available on the NEON Forklift website.