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Forklift Parts and Forklift Accessories

At NEON, we sell more than just forklifts and lift trucks. We also stock a wide variety of forklift parts and forklift accessories.

Forklift Seats

We sell both new and used forklift seats, including Restraint Seats, ELE Seats, ELE Safety Seats, Hip Restraint Seats, Basic Seats and safety belts.

Forklift Chargers

We offer a complete line of industrial battery chargers and battery connectors that provide reliability and performance.

Each Energic Plus charger is managed by a state of the art microprocessor featuring the most advanced software functions available today. All Energic Plus chargers are built under the ISO 9000:2000 Quality System.

Lift Equipment

Pallet Jacks and more.

Forklift Safety

Our safety products include personal protection items such as ear protection, face and eye protection and glasses and goggles.

Forklift Storage

Our storage options include drawer cabinets, open bins, revolving shelves and cabinets.