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Forklift Safety the Latest YouTube Video

Safety is our most important priority, Andy NEON, President of NEON, explains in the newest video on NEON Forklift’s YouTube Channel.

“Forklifts are extremely dangerous machines and there are many injuries and fatalities nationwide as a result of both negligence and a lack of training,” he says in the video.

It is an OSHA law that each forklift operator is trained and certified prior to operating a forklift. NEON has a certified trainer on staff that can train your forklift operators at your facility or in NEON’s conference room. The class entails both hands on and classroom training.

After completing NEON’s forklift training class, its recommended to continue ongoing day to day training due to the complex nature of operating a forklift.

Forklift Safety and training is extremely important for the initial and ongoing use of operating a forklift. To obtain more information regarding forklift training contact NEON at (866) 252-4395.

To view the safety video and other NEON Forklift videos, please visit our YoutTube channel: