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Forklift Supplier

NEON manufactures and supplies an array of forklifts, forklift accessories and attachments, forklift batteries and more.

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According to Modern Materials Handling publication, the worldwide industrial lift truck industry appears to be turning around in 2010.

In 2009, sales were down by 39 percent, but the last fiscal quarter started to show a slight increase. The world’s top three industrial forklift suppliers made a total of $14 billion in revenue, compared to $20.1 billion the previous year.

Forklift suppliers are refocusing their investments by maximizing and putting two distribution networks together and growing the businesses. MCFA and Jungheinrich will be manufacturing and distributing products together.

Also, businesses need to keep an eye on emerging lift truck markets in China and Indiana.

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  • I have some used forklift trucks in scotland, can you give comment on those? Also, do you think which supplier will I get some cheaper price.