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Ohio Used Forklifts

NEON Used Forklifts is a national wholesale used forklift outlet.  NEON supplies dealers with used forklifts and lift truck inventory. NEON forklifts has many locations around the United States including Ohio and California.  Headquarters for NEON used forklifts is in Solon, Ohio. 

NEON, is a national wholesale outlet for used lift trucks and used forklifts.

We supply dealers with used lift truck inventory. We also buy trade in, and end of lease packages. Our lift trucks vary in capacity from 2,500 pounds to 90,000 pounds. 

We currently stock over 400 lift trucks in our clean, heated warehouses. Among those brand names are Used Raymond Forklift, Used Nissan Forklifts, Used Hyster Forklifts, Used Mitsubishi Forklfits and others.

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