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  • Special Promotion for Discounted Forklift Tires

    Need a forklift tire? NEON is offering an exclusive promotion for discounted forklift tires.

    Purchase your quality forklift tires at liquidation prices by visiting NEON Website.

    NEON has over 4,000 discounted forklift tires available in different sizes, treads and compounds. If you don’t see the type of tire you need contact NEON.

    Offering Types:

    • Universal
    • Non-Marking
    • Severe Duty

    Offering Tread:

    • Smooth
    • Treaded

    Be sure to also check out NEON’s forklifts equipment and forklift batteries.

  • Forklift Batteries and Forklift Chargers in Stock

    NEON offers an array of forklift batteries and forklift chargers for all of your forklifts.

    Purchase your forklifts equipment on NEON’s website.


    • 24 Volt
    • 36 Volt
    • 48 Volt

    Check out the variety of forklift chargers that are available.

    Want to sell your forklift batteries? NEON will buy them! Contact us today to start the buying process. We will evaluate the forklift batteries and determine the best value.

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    NEON appreciates its loyal customers and wants to honor new customers by offering a limited special!

    New forklift customers can save 15% online by entering the coupon code FTB334 at checkout.

    Visit NEON website to purchase your forklifts and construction equipment.

    This exclusive online coupon is an extended promotion to new customers only! There is no minimum purchase required and coupons are available only one per customer.

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    • Batteries & Chargers
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    • Industrial Vehicles
    • Construction Equipment
    • More
  • Forklift Information

    Forklifts can take on different names such as lift trucks or pallet trucks. The forklift is a very powerful industrial piece of machinery that is used to transport and lift various materials inside and outside.

    There are many types of forklifts that a company can choose from. Depending on the type of work will indicate what type of forklift a company should invest in and what type of accessories that are needed. Forklifts can come with different wheel types such as cushion, poly or pneumatic. Other factors that a company needs to consider when purchasing a forklift is the fuel type. Forklift fuel type options can be: electric, LP, or diesel. Other accessories and options that can be considered while purchasing a forklift are the mast, side loaders, fork positioner, directional control, integral side shift and 4 way valves. While these are not the only accessories and options they are many more that can be associated with the forklift.

    Forklifts are designed to handle a certain amount of loads. While some forklifts can haul and lift anywhere from 3000 to over 22000. Make sure the forklift can handle the load that you are looking for. Purchasing a forklift that cannot handle the proper load amount can prove to very unsafe for the operator and other employees.

    Forklift safety should not be taken lightly and all precautions and rules should be obeyed. Forklift training and classes should be mandatory. Forklifts are not a game and can prove to be very dangerous if the equipment is mishandled.

    NEON has forklift rental and purchasing warehouses across the United States.

    NEON Forklift Request >>

    NEON Forklift Batteries & Chargers >>

  • Ins and Outs of Buying a Forklift

    There are many factors that go into your big decision on buying a forklift.  Here are some pointers to keep in mind while you are in the market.

    1. Determine why you need a forklift.  
    2. Decided where you are going to use the forklift.  There are different types of forklifts for indoor and outdoor uses.  If you are considering an indoor forklift, you will want to look at an electric forklift and  if you need an outdoor forklift, choose either a gasoline, diesel, liquid propane.
    3. Understand what will be your typical load size and weight are.  For most operations, 5,000 lbs is ideal, however if you have awkward or heavy loads you will need to consider a forklift that has a larget lift capacity.
    4.  Make sure you know the height in which you want to lift items to.  You want to make sure you can safely reach the desired height without any doubt.
    5. Determine how much maneuvering room you have.  Once you have determined the room that you have make a decision on which forklift will be best of operations. 
    6. There are many attachments and options with forklifts.  Consider what you may need.
    7. Safety first.  Make sure you have the proper training and personnel operating the forklift before you even buy one.

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  • Buying a Forklift

    When considering buying a forklift to help your business you need to determine whether you want a new forklift or a used forklifts.  There are clear benefits to each type and you should weigh the options carefully.  There are several expenses when you are the market for a forklift.

    • Operating costs -
      • filters
      • oil
      • batteries
      • fuel
      • maintenance

     Purchasing a forklift is a huge decision for any company, however purchasing a forklift can have a positive impact to your bottom line.  While in the market for a new forklift make sure you get your monies worth.  Do your homework, know what is out there and don't be afraid to ask questions.

    • Determine the Company
      • How long have they been in business
      • Can you contact them over the Internet, phone, fax, email?
      • How reputable are they?
      • Are they willing to set up an appointment with you?
      • How knowledgeable are they about their products?

    NEON works hard in order to get you the forklift that fits you the best.  We provide great customer service and we stand by our products.

    Contact NEON forklifts to request information regarding forklifts, forklift batteries, or request information about rentals

  • Buying Used Forklifts

    NEON, is a national wholesale outlet for used lift trucks and used forklifts.  At NEON we care about the quality forklift that we have and we care about our customers.  We see that our customers get the best value and product we have to offer.

    When you are in the market for a used forklift, do your homework and choose a forklift dealer who will take the time to help you understand, educate and give you the product that is right for you.  Consider the following when looking for a used forklift:

    • Maintenance records
    • Conduct a thorough inspection
    • Test drive the equipment

    Below are some considerations for you to think about when you are looking for a forklift.

    Consider buying a used forklift if:

    • You are planning on using the forklifts for a single shift.
    • You estimate the forklift will not be used for more than five a hours in a day.
    • You have a budget and you want something reliable that will not drain your bottom line.

    We are interested in your business.  If you would like to contact us regarding this information please give us a call at (216) 468-0400, email us at, or fill out a quick contact us form at

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  • Rent a Forklift

    NEON offer a wide variety of used forklifts not only for purchase, but also for rent. If you need a forklift to use in a warehouse or construction site, visit NEON Forklift's rental page. NEON offers the greatest online selection of used forklifts and forklift accessories such as batteries and chargers.

  • Buying a forklift

    So you think you need a forklift?  Here are some things to consider:

    1. The first thing you need to do when buying a forklift is understanding where you will be using your forklift; indoors or outdoors.  Knowing whether you need an indoor or outdoor forklift will determine the type of fuel and tires the forklift must have.
    2. The next thing you will need to determine is a load or weight size.  You will need to buy a forklift with a large enough lift capacity.
    3. You will need to take measurements of the average lift heights that why you will be sure to get a forklift that will be able to safely reach the heights that you need
    4. Understanding how much room you have in your warehouse.  You need to make sure that you have enough maneuverability for the forklift.
    5. Safety and regulations are extremely important for forklifts.  Make sure all the rules and regulations are in place for productive and safe usability

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  • Used Forklifts

    Forklifts can help in a variety of ways in your warehouse, factories and freight terminals to perform most of the heavy lifting and stacking.  The right forklift can help increase productivity and increase your bottom line.  NEON has an inventory that is changing daily and hundreds of used forklifts are waiting to be rented, leased or sold.  NEON forklifts feels confident they have the right used forklift for your companies vision and goals. 

    NEON has many warehouses across the United States including, California, Georgia, North Carolina and Ohio.  Contact NEON forklifts to inquire about which used forklifts are right for you.  If you would like to browse the inventor first please click: Used Forklift Inventory >>

  • Forklifts for Sale has the largest selection of used forklifts and used fork lift trucks online.  Whether you are looking for new or used lift trucks, new or used forklifts, you can locate used forklifts for sale, including forklift parts, fork lift truck attachments, forklift buckets, pallet forks, pallet jacks and industrial lift truck batteries & chargers. We have the best prices, largest selection of new and used forklifts and lift trucks for sale at locations near you.


  • Ohio Used Forklifts

    NEON Used Forklifts is a national wholesale used forklift outlet.  NEON supplies dealers with used forklifts and lift truck inventory. NEON forklifts has many locations around the United States including Ohio and California.  Headquarters for NEON used forklifts is in Solon, Ohio. 

    NEON, is a national wholesale outlet for used lift trucks and used forklifts.

    We supply dealers with used lift truck inventory. We also buy trade in, and end of lease packages. Our lift trucks vary in capacity from 2,500 pounds to 90,000 pounds. 

    We currently stock over 400 lift trucks in our clean, heated warehouses. Among those brand names are Used Raymond Forklift, Used Nissan Forklifts, Used Hyster Forklifts, Used Mitsubishi Forklfits and others.

    We will gladly answer all of your inquires. Please contact us by phone at (866) 252-4395 or via email at

    Visit our website at

  • Used Forklifts for Sale

  • Decker's Used Forklifts Blog

    NEON Inc. is a worldwide supplier of used forklifts and lift trucks. At NEON, we buy, sell, inspect, appraise and refurbish all makes and models of used equipment. We have facilities in California, Ohio and Mexico to serve you. Ask us about our financing options.  On this blog we are going to bring to you the hottest forklifts that we have in our inventory.  Because we want to only give you the best quality we are committed to you by providing you the best used forklifts.

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