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Raymond Forklifts | Raymond Reach Trucks | R40TT

NEON, wholesale forklift supplier of affordable forklifts and used material handling equipment, has one of the largest online selections of used equipment physically held at our multiple locations. So if you’re in need of a diesel forklift, propane forklift, or an electric forklift, we have the best prices and selection of used forklifts and lift trucks near you.

Check out our recent additions to the Raymond forklifts inventory:

  • 2004 R40TT 95/211 Mast 8522 Hours 33/44, S.S.
  • 2004 R40TT 95/211 Mast 9643 Hours 33/44, S.S.
  • 2003 R40TT 95/211 Mast 1770 Hours 33/44, S.S.
  • 2002 R40TT 95/211 Mast 7400 Hours 33/44, S.S.
  • 1995 R40TT 95/211 Mast 7456 Hours 33/44, S.S.

If you don’t see the forklift you are looking for, please contact us, your used forklift might be coming off the truck and not yet inventoried.  Call 216-468-0400.