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Electric Forklifts | Used Yale Reach Trucks Available Now

NEON, wholesale forklifts supplier, receives many end-of-lease buy outs every month which is how we deliver you the lowest prices on most used forklifts, lift trucks, pallet jacks, and other used material handling equipment like these Yale reach trucks. We have 6 electric used Yale reach trucks available now at a very affordable price and package pricing is available when you buy them together.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised with all our used material handling equipment and electric forklift pricing!  Call us at 216-468-0400 and speak with a forklifts sale representative about these recent additions to our large inventory of used forklifts available now.

Package Pricing Available!!! All in Good working condition!

  • Quantity: 6
  • Tear: 2007
  • Make: Yale
  • Model: NDR035EANL36T131E
  • S/N: C861N01913E
  • Mast: 131/301
  • Comments: 8-12K, 42/53 ID-OD
  • Battery: Included, 18-125-17