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Preventative Forklift Maintenance

Your forklift is a large investment, and preventative forklift maintenance can help stop problems before full blow forklift repairs are needed.

Start by turning on your forklift. Listen to the engine. Is it running smoothly? If not, you may want to consider if you need any forklift repairs. Do a quick test drive of your forklift to make sure the gears and wheel are working properly.

Next, shut the engine off. Check your horn, gauges and lights. If any of these are not working properly, you may need to check the wiring.

A good preventative forklift maintenance check will want to exam all the major systems such as the braking system and cooling system. You’ll also want to check the following:

  • Are there any oil leaks?
  • Is there proper sealing on the air filtration system?
  • Does the hydraulic system have any leaks on in the hoses or valves?
  • Do the tires show shredding wear?

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